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An evidence-informed, collaborative professional learning resource for teacher leaders and other leaders working within and across schools. [Booklet plus two sets of flashcards in a slipcase]

Written by Louise Stoll, Carol Taylor, Karen Spence-Thomas and Chris Brown

Catalyst is designed to support and promote the change, professional learning and development of groups of teacher leaders, both within and across schools. It consists of two sets of evidence-informed resource cards and a clear and detailed facilitator guide.

Catalyst is designed for schools in all contexts and across all student age groups. It is for use by and with middle leaders and other teacher leaders within and across schools, and the senior leaders who support teacher/middle leaders. Middle leaders have a formal role, with responsibilities for a subject, cross-curricular aspect of teaching and learning, social development of students, or for a stage or phase of schooling. Teacher leaders are informal leaders.

Teaching is central for them, but they also choose to play a collaborative role in leading change and supporting the professional learning of colleagues in their school and other schools.

Catalyst can also be used by:

  • senior leaders, for refreshment, reinvigoration and to further develop their capabilities
  • senior leadership teams, to audit their own situation
  • headteachers/principals interested in creating a supportive culture
  • leaders supporting all colleagues across/in other schools
  • colleagues involved in specific improvement programmes with an interest in change
  • facilitators of leadership development, especially teacher/middle leadership

ISBN: 9781782772453 [More]
UCL IOE Press | Paperbback | 48pp | Now Available!

OECD Tourism Trends and Policies 2018

Written by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

The 2018 edition analyses tourism performance and policy trends across 49 OECD countries and partner economies. It highlights the need for coherent and comprehensive approaches to tourism policy making, and the significance of the tourism economy, with data covering domestic, inbound and outbound tourism, enterprises and employment, and internal tourism consumption. Thematic chapters explore how understanding the potential impacts of megatrends can better shape the future of tourism, and the need for a shift towards investment and financing for sustainable tourism growth.

ISBN: 9789264287389 [More]
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. | Paperback | 375pp | Now Available!

Productivity and Jobs in a Globalised World

(How) Can All Regions Benefit?

Written by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

This report looks at how regional policies can support productivity growth and jobs. While there has been a remarkable decline in inequality in OECD countries, inequality among regions within certain countries has increased over the same time period. Regions that narrowed productivity gaps tended to benefit from economically vibrant tradable sectors and integration with well-functioning cities. This report considers in detail the role of the tradable sector as a driver of productivity growth and its relationship with employment. It addresses the possible risks of a growing tradable sector and how diversification is central to strengthening regional economic resilience. It considers how regions integrate global value chains and highlights the role of regional and policy links in fostering productivity growth and job creation. It asks what policies can help better anticipate or cushion shocks from trade in specific regions and, more generally, what strategies and framework conditions are conducive for regional productivity.

ISBN: 9789264293090 [More]
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. | Binding - TBC | Pagination - TBC | $85.95 | Not Yet Published!

Enhancing Learning and Teaching with Technology

What the research says

Author: Rosemary Luckin

Educational technology is growing fast, with schools, colleges and universities more than ever looking for the best ways to use technology to support learning. At the same time, there is an increasing appetite for learning and teaching practices to be backed up by evidence. Few resources are able to offer guidance that has been vigorously tested by research.

Now, 'Enhancing Learning and Teaching with Technology' brings together researchers, technologists and educators to explore and show how technology can be designed and used for learning and teaching to best effect. It addresses what the research says about:

  • how and why learning happens and how different technologies can enhance it
  • engaging a variety of learners through technology and helping them benefit from it
  • how technology can support teaching.
  • This book is an accessible introduction to learning and teaching with technology for teachers and other educational professionals, regardless of their experience with using technology for education.

    ISBN: 9781782772262 [More]
    UCL IOE Press | Paperback | 366pp | $59.95 | Now Available!

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