On Being Included: Racism and Diversity in Institutional Life
Author/Editor:    Ahmed, Sara.
Publisher:    Duke University Press
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Physical Media:    book
Pages:    256
Pubn Year:    2012
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ISBN:   9780822352365
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Description: What does diversity do? What are we doing when we use the language of diversity?Sara Ahmed offers an account of the diversity world based on interviews withdiversity practitioners in higher education, as well as her own experience ofdoing diversity work. Diversity is an ordinary, even unremarkable, feature ofinstitutional life. Yet diversity practitioners often experience institutions asresistant to their work, as captured through their use of the metaphor of the"brick wall." On Being Included offers an explanation of this apparentparadox. It explores the gap between symbolic commitments to diversity and theexperience of those who embody diversity. Commitments to diversity areunderstood as "non-performatives" that do not bring about what theyname. The book provides an account of institutional whiteness and shows howracism can be obscured by the institutionalization of diversity. Diversity isused as evidence that institutions do not have a problem with racism. On BeingIncluded offers a critique of what happens when diversity is offered as asolution. It also shows how diversity workers generate knowledge of institutionsin attempting to transform them.

Contents: Acknowledgments ixIntroduction. On Arrival 11. Institutional Life 192. The Language of Diversity 513. Equality and Performance Culture 834. Commitment as a Non-performative 1135. Speaking about Racism 141Conclusion. A Phenomenological Practice 173Notes 191References 221Index 235