Catalyst : an evidence-informed, collaborative professional learning resource for teacher leaders and other leaders working within and across schools
Author/Editor:    Brown, Chris. Spence-Thomas, Karen. Stoll, Louise. Taylor, Carol.
Publisher:    UCL IOE Press
Physical Media:    mixed media
Pubn Year:    2018
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ISBN:   9781782772453
ISBN10:   1782772456

Description: Catalyst is designed to support and promote the change, professional learningand development of groups of teacher leaders, both within and across schools. Itconsists of two sets of evidence-informed resource cards and a clear anddetailed facilitator guide. Catalyst is designed for schools in all contexts andacross all student age groups. It is for use by and with middle leaders andother teacher leaders within and across schools, and the senior leaders whosupport teacher/middle leaders. Middle leaders have a formal role, withresponsibilities for a subject, cross-curricular aspect of teaching andlearning, social development of students, or for a stage or phase of schooling.Teacher leaders are informal leaders. Teaching is central for them, but theyalso choose to play a collaborative role in leading change and supporting theprofessional learning of colleagues in their school and other schools. Catalystcan also be used by: • senior leaders, for refreshment, reinvigoration and tofurther develop their capabilities • senior leadership teams, to audit theirown situation • headteachers/principals interested in creating a supportiveculture • leaders supporting all colleagues across/in other schools •colleagues involved in specific improvement programmes with an interest inchange • facilitators of leadership development, especially teacher/middleleadership

Contents: The Catalyst pack contains: - Set of 32 Research Findings flashcards - Set of 16Professional Learning flashcards - Facilitator Guide