Heart To Heart With Asian Leaders: Exclusive Interviews On Crisis, Comebacks & Character
Author/Editor:    Foo, Alvin Jong Peng., Ng, John Swee Kheng.
Publisher:    World Scientific Publishing Co
Binding:    hbk.
Physical Media:    book
Pages:    324
Pubn Year:    2015
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ISBN:   9789814663939
ISBN10:   981466393X

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Description: Heart to Heart with Asian Leaders is an intimate and insightful look atleadership issues first-hand with 28 prominent persons across politics,business, finance and academia in the region. These illustrious leaders havebeen specially selected for the values they represent, and how they haveovercome crisis and staged comebacks against the odds.This book will serve as aninvaluable tool for all in these challenging and fast-changing times — aresource which will profit leaders in the boardroom and living room, office andclassroom.

Contents: Succession Planning More Than 3 Generations Overcoming Failure Values Family, Humility Leading Through Crisis Generosity Giving to Society Recovery: How do We Bounce Back? Leaving A Legacy