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A Monograph of the Work of Mellor, Meigs, & Howe

Wister, Owen.
(2000)  | 9780942655117 | Architectural Book Publish Co | hbk. | 2 ed.,  | book | 224pp | Availability last checked: 25/12/2018
AUD 117.95 (inc. GST), AUD 107.23 (ex. GST),
Originally published in 1923, this documents the work of the famousPhiladelphia-based firm which designed many outstanding residences inMid-Atlantic and New England states.

Old Houses on Nantucket

Duprey, Kenneth.
(2002)  | 9780942655148 | Architectural Book Publish Co | pbk. | 3 ed.,  | book | 256pp | Availability last checked: 25/12/2018
AUD 33.95 (inc. GST), AUD 30.86 (ex. GST),
Ranging from the early houses of 1659-1750 through the handsome mansions of theGreek Revival period, this chronological tour offers over 300 black-and-whitephotographs plus a wealth of information on tasteful adaptations or restorationsof old houses.

Adobe: Homes and Interiors of Taos, Santa Fe, and the Southwest

Seth, Laurel. Seth, Sandra.
(2012)  | 9781589796805 | Architectural Book Publish Co | pbk. | book | 280pp | Availability last checked: 24/12/2018
AUD 55.95 (inc. GST), AUD 50.86 (ex. GST),
Southwestern architecture is a blend of sensibilities and technology from threecultures: Native American, Hispanic and Anglo. The traditional styles andadaptations explored in this book maintain definite connection with the past. Inover 500 photos and line drawings, the authors present authentic exteriors,fireplaces,...

The Architecture of McKim, Mead, and White: 1879–1915

Greenberg/George. George, Michael. Greenberg, Allan.
(2013)  | 9781589798182 | Architectural Book Publish Co | pbk. | book | 160pp | Availability last checked: 25/12/2018
AUD Call for price

For forty years (1880–1920), the now-legendary architectural firm led byCharles Follen McKim, William Rutherford Mead and Stanford White was responsiblefor many of the finest buildings in America. The Boston Public Library,Pennsylvania Station in New York, and the campus of Columbia University areamong...

Origins of Form: The Shape of Natural and Man-made Things—Why They Came to Be the Way They Are and How They Change

Williams, Christophe. Williams, Christopher.
(2013)  | 9781589798083 | Architectural Book Publish Co | pbk. | book | 144pp | Availability last checked: 25/12/2018
AUD 31.95 (inc. GST), AUD 29.05 (ex. GST),
Origins of Form is about the shape of things. What limits the height of a tree?Why is a large ship or office building more efficient than a small one? What isthe similarity between a human rib cage and an airplane or a bison and acantilevered bridge? How might we plan for things to improve as they are...


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