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Wolters Kluwer Law & Business

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Drafting Contracts : How and Why Lawyers Do What They Do

(2013)  | 9780735594777 | Wolters Kluwer Law & Business | pbk. | book | 576pp
AUD 175.95, AUD 203.45 (inc. GST) , AUD 184.95 (ex. GST) ,
An eagerly anticipated second edition of this established and highlyregarded text teaches the key practice skill of contract drafting, withemphasis on how to incorporate the business deal into the contract andadd value to the client's deal.Features:

Sports law and regulation : cases, materials, and problems.

(2017)  | 9781454882107 | Wolters Kluwer Law & Business | hbk. | book
AUD 423.95, AUD 451.45 (inc. GST) , AUD 410.41 (ex. GST) ,
The fourth edition of Sports Law and Regulation: Cases, Materials, and Problems explores both amateur and professional sports as well as issues common to both industries. A comprehensive collection of cases and materials provides balanced perspective and flexible coverage, while the organization provides...

Basic wills, trusts, and estates for paralegals.

(2016)  | 9781454873440 | Wolters Kluwer Law & Business | pbk. | book | 576pp
AUD 314.95, AUD 342.45 (inc. GST) , AUD 311.32 (ex. GST) ,
A leading text in its field, Basic Wills, Trusts, and Estates for Paralegals focuses on a paralegal's role in practice. Introductions, explanations, instructions, and study aids ensure that students learn and remember concepts and skills that will prove essential to their work as paralegals. Respected...

Negotiating Business Transactions : An Extended Simulation Course

(2013)  | 9781454830719 | Wolters Kluwer Law & Business | pbk. | book | 350pp
AUD 168.95, AUD 196.45 (inc. GST) , AUD 178.59 (ex. GST) ,
The only offering of its kind, Negotiating Business Transactions: An Extended Simulation Course contains facts and contextual materials, negotiating instructions for each side, and background readings on all aspects of the transaction. The text is an introduction to both negotiations and transactional...

International Law

(2015)  | 9781454869504 | Wolters Kluwer Law & Business | pbk. | book | 432pp
AUD 168.95, AUD 196.45 (inc. GST) , AUD 178.59 (ex. GST) ,
International Law is a concise paperback that is an ideal student companion guide to any law school casebook on international law. Clearly written and thoughtfully organized around three key concepts, this text orients students in the basics of international law while providing broad coverage of contemporary...

Newest & Forthcoming Releases

Copyright in a global information economy : 2017 statutory supplement.

(2018)  | 9781454875482 | Wolters Kluwer Law & Business | pbk. | book | 352pp
AUD 110.95, AUD 129.81 (inc. GST) , AUD 118.01 (ex. GST) ,
Coming in June 2018
Copyright in a Global Information Economy: 2017 Statutory Supplement

Environmental regulation : law, science, and policy.

(2018)  | 9781454882114 | Wolters Kluwer Law & Business | hbk. | book | 1456pp
AUD 469.95, AUD 497.45 (inc. GST) , AUD 452.23 (ex. GST) ,
Environmental Regulation: Law, Science, and Policy delivers unparalleled coverage of policy that focuses on the substance of environmental statutes, how they are translated into regulations, and the factors that affect real-world behavior. Self-contained chapters, written in a style accessible to the...

Natural resources law : a place-based book of problems and cases, fourth edition.

(2018)  | 9781454893509 | Wolters Kluwer Law & Business | hbk. | book | 1248pp
AUD 465.95, AUD 493.45 (inc. GST) , AUD 448.59 (ex. GST) ,
Offering broad national coverage on an array of topics, Natural Resources Law, Fourth Edition conveys the drama behind resource disputes and policy and the love-of-place. Most cases are introduced with a photo or map of the place, along with a context-setting paragraph. Each group of cases--both foundational...

The legal imagination : 45th anniversary edition.

(2018)  | 9781454897125 | Wolters Kluwer Law & Business | hbk. | book | 1024pp
AUD 175.95, AUD 203.45 (inc. GST) , AUD 184.95 (ex. GST) ,
Revered for pioneering the law and literature movement, The Legal Imagination celebrates its 45th year of inspiring students and readers around the world. In this special Anniversary Edition, introduced with a new Foreword by author James Boyd White, the original, unabridged text has been carefully...

The 2018 pension answer book.

(2018)  | 9781454883579 | Wolters Kluwer Law & Business | hbk. | book | 2018pp
AUD 969.95, AUD 997.45 (inc. GST) , AUD 906.77 (ex. GST) ,
The 2018 Pension Answer Book covers the most recent legislative, regulatory, and case law developments so you''re never without the information you need to detect compliance and regulatory issues - ensuring you make the right decisions and avoid potential problems. The 2018 Pension Answer Book is a...

Construction law handbook.

(2018)  | 9781454883623 | Wolters Kluwer Law & Business | hbk. | book | 2276pp
AUD 1,099.95, AUD 1,127.45 (inc. GST) , AUD 1,024.95 (ex. GST) ,
Construction Law Handbook, Third Edition is a comprehensive, one-stop reference on the current state of the business of construction and construction law. Comprehensive in scope--yet highly accessible for everyday use--the Construction Law Handbook puts at your fingertips vital information and practice...

State by state guide to human resources law : 2018 edition.

(2018)  | 9781454883722 | Wolters Kluwer Law & Business | pbk. | book | 1648pp
AUD 1,043.95, AUD 1,071.45 (inc. GST) , AUD 974.05 (ex. GST) ,
State-by-State Guide to Human Resources Law is the most comprehensive, authoritative guide to the employment laws of the 50 states and the District of Columbia. It is designed to provide quick access to each state's laws on the expanding number of issues and concerns facing business executives and their...

Mandated benefits 2018 compliance guide.

(2018)  | 9781454883739 | Wolters Kluwer Law & Business | pbk. | book | 1402pp
AUD 958.95, AUD 986.45 (inc. GST) , AUD 896.77 (ex. GST) ,
Mandated Benefits 2018 Compliance Guide is a comprehensive and practical reference manual covering key federal regulatory issues that must be addressed by human resources managers, benefits specialists, and company executives in all industries. This comprehensive and practical guide clearly and concisely...

State by state guide to managed care law : 2018 edition.

(2018)  | 9781454883920 | Wolters Kluwer Law & Business | pbk. | book | 650pp
AUD 1,265.95, AUD 1,293.45 (inc. GST) , AUD 1,175.86 (ex. GST) ,
State by State Guide to Managed Care Law simplifies and expedites your research by giving you immediate access to key court decisions, state managed care policies and practices, and extensive citations to codes and regulations - for all 50 states. Identify your issue in the index and turn to the page...

Examples and explanations for civil procedure.

(2018)  | 9781454894025 | Wolters Kluwer Law & Business | pbk. | book | 752pp
AUD 99.95, AUD 116.95 (inc. GST) , AUD 106.31 (ex. GST) ,
A favorite classroom prep tool of successful students that is often recommended by professors, the Examples & Explanations (E&E) series provides an alternative perspective to help you understand your casebook and in-class lectures. Each E&E offers hypothetical questions complemented by detailed explanations...


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