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Between Faith & History, Vols 1,2 & 3: A Biography of J. A. Kufuor

Agyeman-Duah, I. Agyeman-Duah, Ivor.
(2007)  | 9780954702397 | Ayebia Clarke Literary Agency | hbk. | 2 ed.,  | book | 368pp
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A fascinating account, in two volumes, of John A Kufuor's journey fromOxford-educated lawyer to Ghana's Deputy Foreign Minister at 30, detention,emergence as leader of the Opposition's New Patriotic Party and subsequentelection as President in the first democratic elections in nearly 40 years ofmilitary...

African Love Stories: An Anthology

Ata Aidoo, A. Aidoo, Ama Ata.
(2006)  | 9780954702366 | Ayebia Clarke Literary Agency | pbk. | book | 320pp
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A radical collection of love stories from African women. The collection combinesthe confidence of established and award-winning writers with the tentativenessand originality of budding writers from Africa and the African Diaspora.Focusing on love and radically debunking the myth about African women...

The Cry Of Winnie Mandela

Ndebele, Njabulo S. Ndebel, Njabulo.
(2004)  | 9780954702304 | Ayebia Clarke Literary Agency | pbk. | book | 160pp
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A group of women at a specific period in the history of Southern Africa findtheir family life under the pressures of capitalist modernity and apartheid.These ordinary, intimate stories are anchored to the more powerful publicstories of the Penelope of ancient Greek mythology (who waited 18 years whileher...

Underground People

Nkosi, L. Nkosi, Lewis.
(2004)  | 9780954702328 | Ayebia Clarke Literary Agency | pbk. | book | 272pp
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Underground People is a fictional work about the struggle against apartheid andthe role of the liberation movements and their relationships with on-the-groundmovements. I tells of the intrigue and political opportunism and plotting thatgoes on in fighting a non-conventional war against a government...

Broadening The Horizon: Critical Introductions to Amma Darko

Odamtten, V.O. Odamtten, Vincent.
(2007)  | 9780954702380 | Ayebia Clarke Literary Agency | pbk. | book | 320pp
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This much-anticipated collection of essays from eight respected academics in thefield brings a number of critical perspectives to focus on the signal work of a21st century Ghanaian writer. Amma Darko is recognised in theseinterdisciplinary critiques as a significant writer whose storytelling talentdocuments...


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