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Regimes of language : ideologies, polities and identities.

Kroskrity, Paul V.
(2000)  | 9780852559055 | James Currey Publishers | hbk. | book | 432pp
AUD 104.95 (inc. GST), AUD 95.41 (ex. GST),
In this text, ten linguistic anthropologists integrate two often segregated domains: politics and language. It addresses the role of language ideologies in state formation, nationalism and the maintenance of ethic groups, as well as the creation of national, ethnic and professional indentities.

Letting them die : why HIV/AIDS prevention programmes fail.

Campbell, Catherine.
(2003)  | 9780852558676 | James Currey Publishers | hbk. | book | 224pp
AUD 92.95 (inc. GST), AUD 84.50 (ex. GST),
South Africa has the worst AIDS epidemic in the world. In this one mining community in South Africa, AIDS will kill six out of ten young women and four out of ten young men. This work highlights the barriers and constraints to controlling this national crisis. Why do people knowingly risk a slow and...

Centering woman : gender discourses in caribbean slave society.

Beckles, Hilary McD.
(1999)  | 9780852557723 | James Currey Publishers | pbk. | book | xxv, 211pp
AUD 36.95 (inc. GST), AUD 33.59 (ex. GST),
The racial character of the anti-colonial discourse in the Caribbean had the effect of removing from centre stage the essential maleness of the targeted colonial historiography. This text focuses attention on women's location at the centre of a male-managed colonial world that simultaneously sought...

I will not eat stone : a women's history of colonial asante.

Allman, Jean. Tashjian, Victoria.
(2000)  | 9780852556917 | James Currey Publishers | hbk. | book | 320pp
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Out of print.
Focusing on conjugal production and reproduction in colonial Asante, this text seeks to understand how broader social and economic factors - cash cropping, trade, monetization of the economy, British rule and Christian missions - recast the terms of domestic struggle and how ordinary men and women negotiated...

Empire of things : regimes of value and material culture.

Myers, Fred R.
(2002)  | 9780852559277 | James Currey Publishers | pbk. | book | 363pp
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Out of print.
This text takes a fresh look at the relationship between material culture and exchange theory. It explores ways in which art objects are used to construct identity and cultural difference, and explains how people actually use things - items that are at once concrete and symbolic.


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