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Science - Earth sciences & geology (550)

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Volcanic landscapes and associated wetlands of lowland patagonia.

Mazzoni, Elizabeth. Rabassa, Jorge.

(2018)  | 9783319719207 | Springer | hbk. | book | viii, 295pp | Availability last checked: 1/11/2017
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This book presents the most relevant basaltic plateau exposures in the provinces of Neuquén (northern Patagonia) and Santa Cruz (southern Patagonia), and analyzes their geomorphological and morphometric characteristics. The existence of wetland ecosystems near the volcanic plateaus is quantified, thus...

Simulations Of Tropical Cyclone In Regional Climate Models

Zhong, Zhong.

(2018)  | 9789813232068 | World Scientific Publishing Co | hbk. | book | 264pp | Availability last checked: 20/2/2018
AUD 177.95 (inc. GST), AUD 161.77 (ex. GST),
Coming in April 2018

The double constraint inversion methodology : equations and applications in forward and inverse modeling of groundwater flow.

Batelaan, Okke. De, Smedt Florimond. El-Rawy, Mustafa. Zijl, Wouter.

(2018)  | 9783319713410 | Springer | pbk. | book | x, 101pp | Availability last checked: 25/10/2017
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?This book describes a novel physics-based approach to inverse modeling that makes use of the properties of the equations governing the physics of the processes under consideration. It focuses on the inverse problems occurring in hydrogeology, but the approach is also applicable to similar inverse problems...

Volcanoes of the Azores

Kueppers, Ulrich. , Beier, Christoph. Kueppers, Ulrich.

(2018)  | 9783642322259 | Springer | hbk. | 1,  | book | 355pp | Availability last checked: 16/3/2018
AUD 227.95 (inc. GST), AUD 207.23 (ex. GST),
The Azores archipelago consists of nine islands that emerge from the Azores Plateau in the Central Northern Atlantic, situated within the triple junction of the American, Eurasian and African lithosphere plates. Subaerial volcanic activity has been well known since the Pliocene and continues today,...

Our Warming Planet: Topics In Climate Dynamics

Lacis, Andrew. Peters, Danielle. Rind, David. Rosenzweig, Cynthia. David., Rind. , Rind, David. Rosenzweig, Cynthia.

(2018)  | 9789813148789 | World Scientific Publishing Co | pbk. | book | 444pp | Availability last checked: 1/3/2018
AUD 151.95 (inc. GST), AUD 138.14 (ex. GST),
The processes and consequences of climate change are extremely heterogeneous,encompassing many different fields of study. Dr David Rind in his career at theNASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies and as a professor at ColumbiaUniversity has had the opportunity to explore many of these subjects withcolleagues...

Our Warming Planet: Topics In Climate Dynamics

David., Rind. , Rind, David. Rosenzweig, Cynthia.

(2018)  | 9789813148772 | World Scientific Publishing Co | hbk. | book | 444pp | Availability last checked: 1/3/2018
AUD 275.95 (inc. GST), AUD 250.86 (ex. GST),
The processes and consequences of climate change are extremely heterogeneous, encompassing many different fields of study. Dr David Rind in his career at the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies and as a professor at Columbia University has had the opportunity to explore many of these subjects with...

Principals of elemental chemostratigraphy : a practical user guide.

Craigie, Neil.

(2018)  | 9783319712154 | Springer | hbk. | book | xi, 189pp | Availability last checked: 1/2/2018
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1. Introduction1.1 History and development of chemostratigraphy as a subject1.2. Principal applications of chemostratigraphy1.3 commonly used terminology2. Sampling, sample preparation and analytical techniques2.1 sampling strategyHow sampling strategies are established, types of lithologies that should/should...

Barrier Dynamics and Response to Changing Climate

Moore, Laura J. Murray, A. Brad.

(2018)  | 9783319680842 | Springer | hbk. | book | xxiii, 395pp | Availability last checked: 1/2/2018
AUD 333.95 (inc. GST), AUD 303.59 (ex. GST),
This book presents chapters, written by leading coastal scientists, which collectively depict the current understanding of the processes that shape barrier islands and barrier spits, with an emphasis on the response of these landforms to changing conditions. A majority of the world’s population lives...

Tsunami propagation in tidal rivers.

Tolkova, Elena.

(2018)  | 9783319732862 | Springer | pbk. | book | xii, 123pp | Availability last checked: 29/11/2017
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Using observations of the 2011-Tohoku and some other tsunamis in rivers as a starting point for analytical and numerical exploration, this book suggests a basis for predicting tsunami impacts in a river after the wave has transitioned into the river's channel.

Impact of long-period ground motions on structural design: a case study for bucharest, romania.

Pavel, Florin. Popa, Viorel. Vacareanu, Radu.

(2018)  | 9783319734019 | Springer | pbk. | book | ix, 87pp | Availability last checked: 1/2/2018
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1. Introduction2. Seismic Hazard Assessment for Bucharest3. Evaluation of Soil Conditions in Bucharest4. Characteristics of Ground Motions Recorded in Bucharest Area5. Structural Design for Large Displacement Demands6. Case Studies7. Conclusions

High resolution palaeoclimatic changes in the selected sectors of the indian himalaya by using speleothems : past climatic changes using cave structures.

Singh, Anoop Kumar.

(2018)  | 9783319735962 | Springer | hbk. | book | xv, 146pp | Availability last checked: 1/2/2018
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This thesis encompasses a study of past precipitation patterns based on six cave stalagmites from different parts of the Indian Himalaya. This is the first speleothem study in the Indian Himalaya that shows a direct relationship between past precipitation and the collapse of civilization. The stalagmites...

Archean-mesoproterozoic crustal evolution and crust-mantle geodynamics of western liaoning-northeastern hebei provinces, north china craton.

Wang, Wei.

(2018)  | 9789811079214 | Springer | hbk. | book | xix, 305pp | Availability last checked: 30/1/2018
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This thesis presents geological, petrological, geochemical, and zircon U–Pb–Lu–Hf isotopic field data for representative Precambrian lithologies in the Western Liaoning-Northeastern Hebei Provinces along the northern margin of the North China Craton (NCC). It describes late Neoarchean (2.64–2.48 Ga)...

El Niño in World History

Adamson, George. Grove, Richard.

(2018)  | 9781137457394 | Springer Palgrave | hbk. | book | xvii, 245pp | Availability last checked: 23/12/2017
AUD 199.95 (inc. GST), AUD 181.77 (ex. GST),
Chapter 1: Introduction.- Section I: A Millennial History of El Niño.- Chapter 2: El Niño in Prehistory.- Chapter 3. El Niño Chronology and the Little Ice Age.- Chapter 4. The ‘Great El Niño’, 1790-94.- Chapter 5: The Influence of El Niño on World Crises in the Nineteenth Century.- Section II: The Science...

Handbook of Climate Change Communication : Vol. 1: Theory of Climate Change Communication

Azeiteiro, Ulisses M. Azul, Anabela Marisa. Leal, Filho Walter. Manolas, Evangelos. Mcghie, Henry.

(2018)  | 9783319698373 | Springer | hbk. | book | vi, 397pp | Availability last checked: 30/1/2018
AUD 310.95 (inc. GST), AUD 282.68 (ex. GST),
1 Africa’s Dilemmas in Climate Change Communication: Universalistic Science versus Indigenous Technical Knowledge2 The Impact of Climate Change on Biodiversity: The Ecological Consequences of Invasive Species in Greece3 Evaluating the Suitability of Community-Based Adaptation: A Case Study of Bangladesh4...

Landslide Dynamics : ISDR-ICL Landslide Interactive Teaching Tools: Volume 1 : Fundamentals, Mapping and Monitoring

Arbanas, Zeljko. Casagli, Nicola. Guzzetti, Fausto. Sassa, Kyoji. Yamagishi, Hiromitsu.

(2018)  | 9783319577739 | Springer | hbk. | book | xvii, 604pp | Availability last checked: 30/1/2018
AUD 444.95 (inc. GST), AUD 404.50 (ex. GST),
This interactive book presents comprehensive information on the fundamentals of landslide types and dynamics, while also providing a set of PPT, PDF, and text tools for education and capacity development. As the core activity of the Sendai Partnerships, the International Consortium of Landslides has...

Imaging the Rupture Processes of Earthquakes Using the Relative Back-Projection Method: Theory and Applications

Zhang, Hao.

(2018)  | 9783662552377 | Springer | hbk. | 1,  | book | 117pp | Availability last checked: 10/2/2018
AUD 227.95 (inc. GST), AUD 207.23 (ex. GST),
This thesis adopts the relative back-projection method to dramatically reduce “swimming” artifacts by identifying the rupture fronts in the time window of a reference station; this led to a faster and more accurate image of the rupture processes of earthquakes. Mitigating the damage caused by earthquakes...

Groundwater: Select Proceedings of ICWEES-2016

Singh, Vijay P. Yadav, Shalini. Yadava, Ram Narayan.

(2018)  | 9789811057885 | Springer | hbk. | book | xvii, 247pp | Availability last checked: 23/12/2017
AUD 362.95 (inc. GST), AUD 329.95 (ex. GST),
This book comprises the select proceedings of the International Conference on Water, Environment, Energy and Society. The book is divided into three parts. The first part deals with some aspects of groundwater focusing on delineation of groundwater zones, spatio-temporal variability of groundwater,...

Deutschlands Norden: vom Erdaltertum zur Gegenwart

Böse, Margot.

(2018)  | 9783662553725 | Springer | hbk. | 1,  | book | 201pp | Availability last checked: 16/3/2018
AUD 83.95 (inc. GST), AUD 76.32 (ex. GST),
Dieses Buch erklärt die faszinierende Entstehung der Landschaft im Norden Deutschlands, so wie sie sich heute zeigt. Dabei spannen die Autoren einen Bogen von der Jungsteinzeit bis hin zur Moderne. Im ersten Teil des Buches beschreiben die Autoren detailliert welche Prozesse die Landschaft vor der Eiszeit...

A Photographic Atlas of Flood Basalt Volcanism

Sheth, Hetu.

(2018)  | 9783319677040 | Springer | hbk. | book | xviii, 363pp | Availability last checked: 10/1/2018
AUD 486.95 (inc. GST), AUD 442.68 (ex. GST),
This unique book presents hundreds of spectacular photographs of large-scale to small-scale field geological features of flood basalt volcanism from around the world. Major flood basalt provinces covered in this book include the British Palaeogene, Central Atlantic Magmatic Province, Columbia River,...


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